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Upcoming Live Shows

Friday August 5th

Jeremy Parsons 7-10pm

Saturday August 6th

Miro 6pm

Hannah Hokit 7-9pm

Friday August 12th

JJ Slater & Lexi Wedge 7-10pm

Saturday August 13th 

Rachel Ann & Bone Doggie 7-9pm

On Holiday 9pm-12am

Friday August 19th

IronVine 8pm

Saturday August 20th

Miguel And The 12 Crowns

Friday August 26th

The Midway 8pm

The Lonelies 9pm

Saturday August 27th

Stonewall Static 8-10pm

Friday September 2nd

Matt Nestor 6-8pm

PL Garner and The Reburns 8pm

Saturday September 3rd

Courtney Istre 6-8pm

Friday September 9th

Danny Conrad 8pm

Saturday September 10th

$10 door cover

 Mom As A Teenager 7pm

Sunny Disposition 8pm

Jaybirds 9pm 

 Bubby Band 10pm

Thursday September 15th

$7 door cover

Have Near tour

Friday September 16th

Bad Lives 8pm

Chilldren of Indigo 9pm

The Static Creatures 10pm

The Ghost Republic 11pm

Saturday September 17th

Anna Webber 6pm

Steel Rose 7pm

Friday September 23rd

Meddling kids 8pm

Bug bear 9pm

Becks bucks 10pm

Saturday September 24th

Howling Mutt 3-year anniversary!

Vanilla Pepper 7-9pm

Bobo 9pm

Darling Farm 10pm

Jupiter Mountain 11pm

Friday September 30th

Saturday October 1st

Homewrecker and the Bedwetters 10:15-11:15pm

Bobo 9:15-10pm

Jupiter Mountain 8:15-9pm

TBA 7:15-8pm

Friday October 7th

William St Peter Trio 7-10pm

Saturday October 8th

Nick Forte 7-10pm

Friday October 14th

Patrick Overturf Quartet 7-10pm

Saturday October 15th

Brock Dewald 6pm-9pm

Friday October 21st

Aidan Cotner jazz 8-11pm

Saturday October 22nd

52 Hz Whale 8pm

Suite Sensations 9pm

Friday October 28th

Michael Peterson Quartet 7-10pm

Saturday October 29th

Halloween at the Mutt

Aliens Overhead

Like Before 8pm

Brotherhood 9pm

Saturday November 5th

The Sycophants 8pm