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Upcoming Live Shows

Aaron Muller 8pm

David Forsyt 8:30pm

John Pankey 9:15pm

Friday October 15th

Party Hats! 6pm

Jockey 7pm

Today chaser 8pm

Hen & the Cocks 9pm

Saturday October 16th

                        Denton Song Writers Guild 7-10pm

                              Thursday October 21st

Good Therapy 

Friday October 22nd

Courtney Istre 6pm

James Eddy 8pm

Hannah Hokit 9pm

Saturday October 23rd

John Pankey 6pm

Zen and Tonic Band 7pm

Beer Pong Tournament 

Friday October 29th

Wee Beasties 8pm

Diesel Beast 9pm

Saturday October 30th

Sam wood 6:45pm

Hall Johnson 8pm

Will Orchard 9pm

Friday November 5th

Odd Tuesday7pm

The Aches 7:45pm

Rex Romanum 8:30pm

Richard Haskins 9:30pm

Saturday November 6th

James Gregory 7pm

Jonny Lurie 8pm

Friday November 12th

Stingray -- Appalachian/Bluegrass Duo

Saturday November 13th

Matt Nestor

Friday November 19th

Zack Spivey 

Saturday November 20th