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Upcoming Live Shows

Brotherhood 7pm

Itchy Richie & The Burnin' Sensations 8pm

Friday July 23rd

Ariana Ortiz 6pm

Saturday July 24th

Matt Nestor 8pm

Friday July 30th

Dane Ezell

Saturday July 31st

Battle of the Bands 6pm-11pm

Day 1

Ghost Republic @6pm 8/6

Clover Grove @ 6:45pm 8/6

No Place Like Home @7:30pm 8/6

Electric Purple @8:15pm 8/6

Homewrecker and the Bedwetters @9pm 8/6

Disappointing Daedalus @9:45pm 8/6

Friday August 6th

Battle of the Bands 3:30pm-11pm

Day 2

Edge Face @3:30pm 8/7

Larry Olusegun @4:15pm 8/7

Ian Keyes @5pm 8/7

Frolic @5:45pm 8/7

Jaybirds @6:30pm 8/7

Aliens Overhead @7:15pm 8/7

Brotherhood @8pm 8/7

The Litch @8:45pm 8/7

The Kubes @9:15pm 8/7

Saturday August 7th

Alamo House 7pm

Dirty Dan and the Basketball Boys 8pm

Friday August 13th

Green Tea House 7pm

Jaybirds 8pm

Saturday August 14th

Hannah Hokit 7pm

Friday August 20th

Vinyl Crush 8pm

Saturday August 21st

Zack Spivey 8pm

Friday August 27th

Brotherhood 7pm

Aliens Overhead 8pm

Saturday August 28th

Lovesick Mary 8pm

Dirty Dan and the BasketBall Boys 6:30pm

Friday September 9th 

Mary-Charlotte Young 8pm

Saturday September 4th

Brotherhood 7pm

Aliens Overhead 8pm

Friday September 10th

Mary-Charlotte Young 8pm

Saturday September 11th

Song Swap

Friday September 17th

Vinyl Crush 8pm

Saturday September 18th

Wildhoney Band

Friday September 24th

Remain 7pm

(four bands)

Saturday September 25th

Nathan Wilson 8pm

Friday October 1st

Bitterboar 7pm

Saturday October 2nd

Douglas Allen 7pm

Daily Fare 8pm

Friday October 8th 

Zech Lumpkin 8pm

Saturday October 9th

John Pankey 7:30pm

Friday October 15th

Jonny Lurie 7pm

Saturday October 16th

Good Therapy 8pm

Friday October 22nd

Private Event

Saturday October 23rd

Zen and Tonic Band 7pm

Friday October 29th

Wee Beasties 8pm

Diesel Beast 9pm

Saturday October 30th