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Upcoming Live Shows

Friday September 30th

Velvet Jaw 7-10pm

Saturday October 1st

Bobo 9pm

Jupiter Mountain 10pm

Darling Farm 11pm

Venetian Video Cats from Venus

Dracula of Nazareth

Friday October 7th

April Shepard 8-10pm

Grady Drugg 10pm-12am

Saturday October 8th

Velvet Jaw 4-7pm

Oatmeal Pizza 7-10pm

Friday October 14th

Patrick Overturf Quartet 7-10pm

Saturday October 15th

John Pankey 7-9pm

Micah Talley 9pm-11pm

Thursday October 20th

Aidan Cotner jazz 8-11pm

Friday October 21st

Isaac Sloane Release Party

$10 Cover

The Half Guided Hearts 8pm

 Chris Norwood and the knock down drag outs 9pm

Isaac Sloane & The Sound Brigade 10pm

Saturday October 22nd

Every Witch Way Samhain Market 5-10pm

52 Hz Whale 8pm

Suite Sensations 9pm

Friday October 28th

Michael Peterson Quartet 7-10pm

Saturday October 29th

Halloween at the Mutt

Aliens Overhead

KoKo 7pm

Like Before 8pm

Brotherhood 9pm

Redwood 10pm

Friday November 4th

Bluesdream 8-10pm

Saturday November 5th

Itchy Richy & The Burnin Sensations 7pm

The Sycophants 8pm

Friday November 11th

$10 Cover at the door

Party Hats 7pm

The Ends 8pm

Mary Maria 9pm

Medusa Complex 10pm

Saturday November 12th

Zoe Cimino 8-9pm

Friday November 18th

Jakes Holiday

(full show)

Saturday November 19th

Every Witch Way - Odds & Ends Market 5-10pm

Saturday December 10th

$10 Cover at the door

Kudu 7pm

Seer 8pm

Gluestick 9pm

Factor 13 10pm

Saturday December 17th

Every Witch Way - Yule Market 5-10pm

Saturday February 4th

Closed for private event

Saturday March 25th

Steel Rose 7-10pm