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From our Brewery

On tap now!

 Strawberry Blonde

Light crisp Blonde with a strawberry undertone. Not overly sweet but highly refreshing.

Midnight Jackal Milk Stout

Dark and smooth. subtle notes of coffee and chocolate with a nice smooth smoke finish.  

Placid Pup

Summer IPA brewed with Centennial and Citra Hops.


Roche Limit IPA

Balanced IPA using  Saaz, Amarillo, Cascade, Mosaic hops.  White wheat and flaked oats balance out the hop profile and provide it with that hazy look and just a touch of lactose at the end rounds it out to make it an easy drinking IPA

Strawberry Milkshake IPA

Milk IPA that isn't overbearing but boast a complex hop profile with a strawberry undertone. 

 Counter Surfer

Light crisp Blonde  with 5.7% punch. 

Guest Taps

on tap now

Toasty Bros

Long Tacky Old Slacks

Denton County Brewing Co.

Homegrown Hero

Hop and Sting

Peanut Butter Frigid Underworld

next up

Toasty bros

Maison Du GaufreSaison 

Denton County Brewing Co.

Gold Crash

Hop and Sting

Barrel Aged Frigid Underworld


 Dinkelacker CD Pils


Armadillo Ale Works

Idiots Hill

Yacht Club IPA

Brunch Money

HAUFEN Saison 1 liter Bottle

HAUFEN Strawberry Blonde 6 pack

HAUFEN Citrus Mistress seltzer


Austin East Cider

Blood Orange, Texas Honey & Pineapple

Bishop Ciders

Crack Berry

Light Cide

Tigers Blood

Texas TEa

Dark Cide

Apple Pineapple

Locust Cider

Dark Cherry

Redwine $6 Mimosa $3​ 

Champagne Cocktails $5